Rimini welcomes Grand Lodge 2020 event

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Grand Lodge 2020 event; photo credit: IEG

For the 20th consecutive year the Grand Lodge 2020 meeting of the Grand Orient of Italy returned to IEG’s Palacongressi di Rimini, held from 11-13 September 2020. As is customary, participants arrived from all over Italy, as well as some from abroad, Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) said. They were all certainly very happy to finally be able to meet up in person.

The event was in complete attendance without having to resort to hybrid formulas, and recorded numbers not very far off past years – about 1,500 participants – and was organised without significant changes to the usual format.

The Sala della Piazza was set up as per usual to host the Temple of the Grand Lodge, with a rich programme of conferences, and cultural events such as exhibitions and book presentations. The traditional socialising lunches and dinners were also confirmed.

For IEG the event was proof that it could be done: getting back to “normal” for in-person conferences and events, respecting the Covid19 safety measures and precautions.

Director of the IEG Event & Conference division, Fabio De Santis, said: “The synergy between our structure and the Grand Orient of Italy in applying all the association rules and institutional protocols on Covid19, was fundamental and guaranteed an event in total safety, demonstrating with facts and figures that conferences and events can be held in the presence of more than a thousand people, without mass gatherings.”

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