Audition: Highest ever number of EIBTM visitors

Barcelona. EIBTM confirms the official information about its December 2010 event, with the results of an independent audit carried out by ABC, confirming a new EIBTM record for visitor attendance. The event’s Total Unique Attendance, which includes exhibiting personnel, was 14,241, a 3.7% increase on 2009. This figure can be split into Visitor and Exhibitor Attendance, allowing clear clarification: Visitor Attendance including Hosted Buyers was recorded as 8,376, the highest ever total number of visitors at EIBTM, marking a 2.5% increase on 2009. Exhibitor personnel increased 5.5% on 2009 figures, reaching 5,865 at EIBTM 2010. Graeme Barnett, EIBTM Exhibition Director, comments: “We recognise how important it is to provide all our stakeholders with independently verified statistics. This allows them to evaluate their own ROI and can be a reliable method for evaluating and analysing the success of EIBTM as it evolves.”