EFAPCO to meet European Parliamentarians

Brussels. Isabelle Durant, Vice-President of the European Parliament has invited EFAPCO’s leaders to put the case for greater political support and professional recognition of the PCO sector in particular and the meetings industry in general to Members of the European Parliament. The meeting is due to take place at the EU headquarters in Brussels later this year. Mme Durant’s invitation was made at a meeting with EFAPCO Honorary President Nicolas Le Brun and fellow member of the Belgian Association of PCOs, Sam van de Kerckhof.

“At the meeting, we identified many areas of common interest and I would like to invite EFAPCO to join us at the European Parliament for a conference session with MEPs who I would be happy to identify and invite,” said Mme Durant.  “We could certainly explore ways in which Parliament might provide greater political support and professional recognition for the PCO sector in particular and the meetings industry in general. With 754 parliamentary members from 27 countries across Europe it goes without saying how much I value the professionalism of the meetings industry, and the crucial role played by PCOs. The industry impacts across a vast range of the European Parliament’s interests – from tourism and transportation to cultural, social, scientific, commercial and economic development.”

Nicolas Le Brun said: “We had a very positive meeting with Mme Durant and I’m pleased that we will now have a golden opportunity to present EFAPCO’s case directly to MEPs. I will also arrange for other interested industry associations, including the JMIC, to be invited to attend this important session.”