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Sarawakian wins Germany’s prestigious Women’s Scholarship for Malaysia

The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) Berlin has awarded its prestigious Women’s Scholarship for the ‘Executive Transition Program (ETP)’ to two winners from around the globe this year; one being Business Events Sarawak’s (BESarawak) Chief Operating Officer, Amelia Roziman.

BESarawak COO Amelia Roziman. Photo: BESarawak

Kuching. The ETP is specifically designed to C-level and senior executive for experienced functional managers transitioning to an increased level of general management responsibility. Since senior leadership implies a repertoire of knowledge, skills, and competencies as much as fundamental behaviours and attitudes; this scholarship aims to usher in the rise of global decision makers who are fully equipped to expand their respective industries and contribute towards a better tomorrow.

For Amelia Roziman, an accomplished Bidayuh descent, “I strongly believe young female leaders have the power to exert tremendous influence, no matter the role, in maintaining profitable business relations in rigorous environments while adapting to changes in market expectations. I’d like to do my part in ushering in paradigm shifts that will move society towards higher moral ground.”

The ETP is a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Management; a University-level certificate awarded by ESMT Berlin that will enable graduates to achieve the Certificate of Excellence in Global Business granted by The Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM). This is a collaboration of leading graduate schools of business in 25 countries on 5 continents.

“Graduating from the ETP and pursue GNAM certification, I intend to use the skills I’ve gained to improve current best practices within my industry – Business Events. My long-term goal includes extending my organisation’s reach and key socio-economic concepts in Sarawak; eventually beyond national barriers by becoming a global Business Events influencer that focuses on feminist values and impacts beyond tourism. Due to the relatively new concept of Business Events under Malaysia’s much larger tourism umbrella, our local industry players and key personnel are very much unaware of its benefits; let alone how women can help to propel it to greater heights,” she added.

Amelia Roziman’s participation this November 2019 is exemplary to the anticipated workforce development in Sarawakian organisations and on par with major international past participating organisations such as Bayer, Deutsche Bank, Amnesty International, Siemens, Air Canada and Thyssenkrupp.

CIM editorial team, ks

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