The Red Book for Medical Meetings

Photo: Screenshot

Miami. The first comprehensive guide to pharmaceutical regulations and continuing medical education, “The Red Book for Medical Meetings,” has been launched and is now available for an annual subscription.  “The Red Book for Medical Meetings” has been developed by the Society for Worldwide Medical Exchange (SWME) and endorsed by the Rome CME-CPD Group, the international body of experts working to harmonize continuing medical education (CME) systems and facilitate international reciprocity of CME credits.

After nearly two years of research, SWME announces the completion of the guide, which offers detailed pharmaceutical regulation and continuing medical education (CME) information for over 100 countries. SWME aims to help medical meeting planners, CME providers and academic institutions ensure meeting compliance and offer internationally accredited programs.  The research may also benefit organizations working to improve health care in developing countries through CME, such as the World Health Organization.

“’The Red Book for Medical Meetings’ simplifies complex international regulations and compiles them into a single, easily accessible, format. This will help educators understand the various requirements in each country and foster greater transparency within the industry,” said Rome CME-CPD Group Secretary General, Alfonso Negri.