Advance Your Automotive Event in Catalonia: Where Innovation and Tradition Converge

Wednesday, 20.09.2023
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Drive innovation where tradition meets the future. Experience the best of the automotive world in Catalonia. Your event, our expertise.
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Consider Catalonia as the prime destination for your next automotive event due to a myriad of compelling reasons. Its extensive offerings span a wide spectrum of activities, including car launches, test drives, film productions, networking trainings, GT driving experiences, off-road adventures, and motorsport gatherings.

Catalonia has a remarkable heritage in the automotive industry, serving as a prominent player in Southern Europe’s vehicle manufacturing sector. Brands like Hispano Suiza, Seat, and Cupra have deep historical ties to Barcelona and Catalonia, solidifying the region’s natural affinity for events linked to the mobility sector.

The region boasts state-of-the-art modern circuits and test tracks like Applus+ IDIADA, Parcmotor Castellolí, and the renowned Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit. This circuit’s distinction in hosting Formula 1 and MotoGP Grand Prix races attracts automotive companies from around the world, rendering Catalonia an optimal environment for testing novel cars and cutting-edge technologies.

Furthermore, Catalonia’s dedication to the future is evident in its advanced infrastructures, making it a hub for testing electric and autonomous vehicles. With over 3,200 electric vehicle charging points distributed across the region, Catalonia is well-prepared to embrace the electric and autonomous revolution.

Catalonia’s expertise in organizing international fairs, events, and congresses is well-established, complemented by a seasoned MICE sector tailored to the automotive industry. This ensures that events hosted here are marked by exclusivity, confidentiality, and flexibility.

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Barcelona takes center stage as a hub for 5G connectivity, innovation, and sustainable mobility in Southern Europe. The city plays host to prominent events like the Tomorrow. Mobility World Congress, the Mobile World Congress, and the Automobile Barcelona exhibition, solidifying its status as a leader in sustainable mobility.

Diversity characterizes Catalonia’s landscapes, offering picturesque settings for automotive events. From the awe-inspiring Pyrenees mountains to the captivating coastlines of Costa Brava and Costa Daurada, and the serene Penedès wine region, options are abundant. The region’s selection of secure and scenic roads provides an ideal canvas for test drives and driving experiences.

Catalonia stands as a hub for international and specialized talent, housing influential engineering and automotive R&D centres in Southern Europe. With prestigious companies, universities, startups, and professionals specializing in the automotive and mobility sectors, Catalonia serves as an invaluable networking opportunity and a source of the latest industry trends.

Unique MICE offerings characterize Catalonia, encompassing over 10 congress centres, numerous large-capacity hotels, and expansive exhibition spaces at Fira de Barcelona. Unique venues including museums, wineries, gardens, farmhouses, castles, and architectural marvels by visionaries like Gaudí provide exclusive settings for car presentations and events.

With its relatively small size (32,000 square kilometres), Catalonia boasts exceptional connectivity and accessibility, making it an ideal location for hosting automotive events. All essential services required for organizing successful events are conveniently located within a short distance, streamlining logistics.

Catalonia’s Mediterranean climate, characterized by over 300 days of sunshine annually, provides an ideal backdrop for outdoor events and test drives. The region’s rich cultural heritage and world-renowned gastronomy add an extra layer of depth to the experience, promising a harmonious blend of business and leisure.

So, Catalonia stands as the premier destination for professional automotive events, offering an amalgamation of venues, expertise, and attractions that cater to every facet of the automotive industry. Whether seeking industry insights, testing opportunities, or a remarkable event experience, Catalonia presents a multifaceted platform that caters to diverse automotive needs.