Cairns Convention Centre to Open New Expansion

Tuesday, 06.06.2023

The Cairns Convention Centre's expansion project is set to open this month, elevating its status as a premier business events destination.

The heat gain from the sun on the facade is mitigated by the presence of 1,200 sun blades and biophilic design incorporating living greenery. Photo: CCCE

Cairns Convention Centre is opening its highly anticipated AUD$176 million expansion this month. The goal is to maximise the centre’s capabilities, modernise its facilities and to bring new business to the tropical north.

With this transformative development, the Centre wants to solidify its position as a “premier business events destination for both corporate and association conferences, delivering sustainable, world-class events with a lasting impact”.

According to a press release, the expansion project encompasses a significant number of enhancements. Among the additions are a rooftop banquet area, three state-of-the-art meeting rooms and an exhibition and plenary lecture space, providing a total of 10,500 square meters of new floor space. This significant expansion enables the Centre to accommodate multiple or larger events, with conferences and exhibitions for up to 2,500 guests possible across the entire venue.

“Coupled with the latest audiovisual technology, the additional space offers conference organisers a wealth of flexibility and industry leading infrastructure for their events,” comments Janet Hamilton, general manager at Cairns Convention Centre.  “The new interior features significant new exhibition space, a plenary space capable of hosting 400 people and three new meeting rooms.”

The new Trinity Level, a key part of the expansion, will be an ideal setting for gala dinners and large cocktail functions and can accommodate up to 500 people.

The expansion project incorporates numerous eco-conscious features such as high-performance glazing on the building, which increases energy efficiency by up to 30 percent. 1,200 sun blades and biophilic design living greenery over the facade reduce heat gain from the sun.

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Felix Hormel