Creativity - the newest CIM issue

// Katrin Schmitt

Titel der CIM Ausgabe 3/2019. Photo: CIM

Dear Readers,
turbulent times, which make us today question many conventions, often call for new approaches, perspectives and dynamic processes. The reactions range from “No thanks, we will do things as usual” to “We could try this (event format)” or “Where is the next Design Thinking, Innovation Management or Event Canvas seminar?”.
This methodical way of thinking outside the box is to make creative processes tangible in order to help us navigate the ocean of creativity and boldly sail the sea of original ideas.
“Event companies must constantly go beyond their client’s expectations to deliver cutting-edge activations,” says Matthew Margetson, Creative Director at events agency Smyle in London. “Creativity comes from a state of mind within a business; from clients who welcome fresh thinking, from giving staff the time to be creative, and from striving to push the boundaries of our industry.” A rational approach is absolutely key to successful event outcomes, but carving out time to think creatively will reap rewards for events both large and small. CIM senior Editor Katharina Brauer will tell you which awards in our Focus story starting on page 14.
For inspiration we also look to our Editors Johanna Müdicken and Julie Freeman, who offer insight into the world of associations (page 26) and DMCs (page 34).
Johanna has also been on the road with CIM reader Laura Ewe as #CIMscoutDresden in the city on the Elbe (page 24). And we can hear about how Business Events Canada is giving the country an innovative image as well as the latest news from the Data Protection Congress from journalist Josephine Carol on p. 40 and Anna-Leona Bösel on page 62.
We wish you lots of inspiration for an exciting summer of events. You will find the dates in an overview on page 8. But if you prefer to relax and unwind instead: The most creative ideas seem to come when we are in the shower, brushing our teeth – and, of course, reading CIM, so we heard. We wish you an inspiring read!

Yours sincerely, Katrin Schmitt