Interaction has to make sense

// Johanna Müdicken

Doreen Biskup (VDVO). Photo: Thomas Loris

Doreen Biskup, Vice-Chair of the VDVO, a German association of event organisers, on interactive events and the use of digital tools

How important is it to make events more interactive?
Interaction only makes sense if there is a good reason for it and it contributes to the purpose of the presentation. Interaction just because it is technically possible or it ticks a “digital and interactive as possible” box makes no sense at all. Essentially, interaction must be genuine and have a real purpose.

How can reservations about the use of digital tools be dealt with?
With a lot of patience. Participants who are not used to working with digital tools have to be guided by the moderator or speaker. It therefore generally makes sense at the beginning of the presentation to go through the login process in detail and enter the digital world together. Additional time must be allowed for this. The more often the same digital tools are used, particularly at recurring events, the more easily and intuitively the participants will be able to work with them.

Thank you, Mrs. Biskup!