CIM 2021/3 Spotlight Industry

Five questions for Astrid Schormann

// Katharina Brauer

Astrid Schormann, senior project manager at trendhouse event marketing GmbH, is responsible for IAA Conference at IAA Mobility. Photo: trendhouse eventmarketing

CIM: What are the most important innovations for you, as an expert in live communication, at the first IAA Mobility?

Astrid Schormann: Having evolved from a pure motor show into a wide-ranging mobility platform with different stages and lounges, the focus is finally on face-to-face encounters, actively experiencing brands and networking. The motor show is also breaking out from the trade fair centre itself and becoming an open communication platform offering plentiful scope for interesting encounters.

What was the reasoning behind IAA Conference, the new discussion format?

To place the focus on people, their ideas and visions rather than on the car as a product. IAA Mobility is designed to facilitate more dialogue, the conference provides a platform for trade visitors, and with its Open Space format, IAA Mobility is opening up to consumers even more.

How have you incorporated sustainability into the design of the IAA event formats?

Overall, there is a clear departure from the ambition to be higher, faster or further. There are fewer specially designed structures and a lot of reusable materials. Local service companies are being used and distances kept short.

What happens in the Business Club House?

The Business Club House offers a conference area, a networking area and 330 sqm of floorspace. It is the ideal place for companies to present their ideas in an informal yet exclusive atmosphere and position themselves as thought leaders in specific areas.

To what extent are hybrid formats and/or digital streaming and communication channels integrated?

There is the transmission of the live programme taking place on the conference stages. We also offer studio content to our digital participants. And we will provide Open Space content to an online audience through the various channels of our partners. Many thanks for the interview,

Ms Schormann. Katharina Brauer