CIM 2019/6 Spotlight

Robots may replace

// Katrin Schmitt

Kit Lykketoft, Director of Conventions at WoCo, about the initiative “The Future of Congresses – fortifying impact”.

Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

CIM: What progress has been made with the study „The Future of Congresses- fortifying impact“, initiated by BestCities (BC)?
Kit Lykketoft: The study, which consists of four scenarios, will be released at the BC Global Forum in December in Copenhagen exclu­sively to the attendees. Afterwards, anyone is invited to explore, also via the online tool and white paper.

Which scenario/insight surprises you – and why?
It is hardly surprising that sustainability and tech are among the megatrends that will affect our future. The question is: how? In one scenario, congresses are only regional. In another one, robots have replaced many professionals and left us with a different need for meetings. Congresses will then become catalysts of that change in people’s lives. An interesting topic to explore for associations.

Why is it important to explore and to develop a framework?
It is very important to have a well-researched framework to strategise. The future is complex, and it is coming at us full speed ahead, with a number of disruptions. Business as usual is not an option – neither for associations nor for destinations. It is vital to prepare for change the best we can. The framework is a qualified starting point. Together with the online tool, it is meant to be a helping hand for the industry, because at BC, we believe in us moving forward together.

Who should attend the Forum in Copenhagen this December?
Decision makers from associations with an open mind and a readiness to both learn and challenge themselves. Attendees will be asked to look at the future of their association through these sce­narios. In return, they will have conversations with like-minded peers and will look into the future in an extraordinary way.

Thank you, Ms. Lykketoft!