CIM 2021/4 Spotlight Industry

Three years a CIM columnist, but change is on the way in 2022

// David Friedrich-Schmidt

David Friedrich-Schmidt, Head of Projects & Administration, German Neurological Society Photo: Christian Staaden

A wonderful time. Don’t worry, this is not a farewell. We can leave our tissues in our pockets. I’ve had the privilege of writing this column since 2019. At times it’s been humorous, and at times angry, polemical or emotional. Well, it was pretty much always emotional – somehow I can’t help that! If I’ve stepped on anyone’s toes a little, please forgive me. I do try not to vex or hurt anyone too much. It’s been a real pleasure. I found the things I wanted to write about, or they found me. Our writers were always unendingly patient whenever I messed up a deadline, which I inevitably did – including for this column. They let me do what I do – and I’m very thankful for that. They made suggestions here and there, some of which I accepted. And if I didn’t, it was OK. And despite that, we’re calling it a day!

But we’re also starting something new: a lot is going to change in 2022. I’m going to succeed Dr Thomas Thiekötter, my managing director and a man I much admire, and will be concerning myself more intensively with German neurology. That’s a nice challenge, and I’m looking forward to, but I also know it will demand a healthy dose of humility from me. The pandemic will hopefully come to an end. As long as we can somehow get the vaccination rate up, that is. And I haven’t given up hope of that. We’ll be taking a closer look at the “new normal” in our industry. And our new format will fit us like a glove in that respect. In each issue, I’ll be bringing someone in to debate a hot topic. We’ll be tough but fair with each other, but there will be a smattering of humour in there, too – and we’ll certainly passionate!

Until then, I wish you a wonderful festive period with family and friends. I hope you enjoy it to the full and are also looking forward to accompanying CIM and me wherever our next steps take us.

Best regards,

David Friedrich-Schmidt