Spotlight Industry

Visiting a metaverse

// Johanna Müdicken

Virtual co-creation in the Fujitsu CX Lab. Photo: Schachzug

A virtual foray. The creative agency Schachzug, a company based in Erlangen, Bavaria, has created a digital world of experience for its long-standing client Fujitsu. The Fujitsu CX Lab serves as a virtual meeting place for customers and partners of the Japanese technology group that enables them to take their first steps towards digital transformation.

The online platform facilitates discussions about topics such as hybrid cloud solutions or data-driven solutions, but also offers information on what is available in terms of hardware. With virtual buildings, roads and bridges, the Fujitsu metaverse simulates a real city, through which visitors proceed as avatars. During this journey, Fujitsu presents them with a wide range of possibilities and applications. If there are particular areas in which they are interested, they can dig further and experience in-depth stories.

Over 700 virtual events have been successfully staged in the Fujitsu CX Lab. To highlight the event-related character of each digital meeting, invitations and snacks are sent in advance. To enable the Fujitsu metaverse, into which the company has invested almost a million euros, to be used worldwide, the next step is to add further languages.