ExCeL London Introduces “Hyper-Realistic Digital Twin”

Tuesday, 01.08.2023

In an effort to revolutionize event planning and enhance sustainability, London's event venue, ExCeL, has partnered with OnePlan to create a hyper-realistic digital copy of its spaces.

Image: ExCeL London

London’s event venue ExCeL has partnered with OnePlan, an event and venue planning platform, to commission a hyper-realistic digital twin of the Royal Docks location. This innovative software is said to provide a replica of the venue customized to the client’s requirements, enabling better visualization, planning, and sharing of events.  The technology enables virtual site visits, enhancing efficiency and sustainability for ExCeL.

According to a press release, the digital copy aids decision-making, reduces the need for in-person site visits, and allows organizers to share bespoke visuals with stakeholders worldwide. It has various applications, such as testing arrival and departure points, showcasing media opportunities, and simulating room layouts from a visitor’s perspective.

The technology is reportedly particularly valuable for clients interested in envisioning their events in ExCeL’s upcoming 25,000sqm expansion project, scheduled to open in October 2024. ExCeL’s Executive Director, James Rees, emphasized that the digital twin offers optimization of entrance and exit flows, signage placements, and sponsorship activations, serving as a sales and marketing tool. “We also know from experience that conducting in-person site visits, especially for those outside the UK, can become costly, timely and carbon heavy, so bringing ExCeL to their screens at a click of a button is something 
that we believe will make a real impact”, Rees said.

The platform’s implementation also aligns with ExCeL’s ESG strategy and ambition to achieve Net Zero by 2030.

OnePlan was founded in 2019 and has powered over 25,000 live events worldwide, including iconic venues like the Intuit Dome and Silverstone. It also serves as the Official Supporter of GIS Mapping and Digital Twin Software for the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Paul Foster, CEO and founder of OnePlan, expressed excitement about ExCeL London adopting the digital twin solution, as it suits large-scale convention and exhibition centers with varying room layouts and rapid planning needs.