New Book: Incentive Travel for a New World‘

Sunday, 29.08.2021

By Patrick Patridge


With a Preface from SITE President Aoife Delaney, CIS, CITP

The Covid crisis and its caesura have had traumatic impacts on the worlds of work and travel. All engaged in Incentive Travel need to carefully consider how we can recuperate, re-connect, re-boot and thrive by becoming active, relevant and prosperous once again. Finding a restorative medium between gravitational pull and centrifugal force, so to say.

This book covers a wide variety of topical subjects and themes. It is a benchmark for where our industry is at, and for where it could be going to.

It is an impetus for both discussion and debate. Serving as a contribution to business planning and future-minded Incentive Travel conception; to programme design, and sustainable trip delivery.

Its contents include:

Preface – Introduction – Quo Vadis? – The Business Case – Core Trends – Relevant Branches – Corporate Goals – Millennials & Generation Y – A Lyrical Script for Millennials – Dietary Requirements – Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR Guidelines – Sustainable Incentive Travel – Hive share and HoneyBees – Botanic Gardens – Storytelling – Language and Images – Networking – Trade Fair Etiquette – Digital Detox – Slowing Down – Ethics – Perfect Fam Trips – Guides, Drivers & Service Personnel – Why You? – Tips for Destinations – Bright New Wonderful Lives – Further Information

Suitable reading for students, lecturers and MICE industry colleagues studying for their Tourism Management, Event Management, Destination Management, MICE Business Travel, SITE CIS / CITP, and / or MPI CMP exams.

‚Incentive Travel for a New World‘ is NOW AVAILABLE to purchase online from amazon stores worldwide in Paperback, Hardcover and KindleUnlimited editions.