MCI  closes "decade of sustainability"

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Human Rights Day, MCI Geneva, Young Activist Summit; photo credit: MCI

MCI has closed the decade of sustainability with it's 2019 Digital Sustainability Report. According to the report, within the past ten years, MCI organised close to 1,000 events around sustainable topics or with integrated sustainable processes. The company received 24 industry awards for sustainability. MCI employees dedicated 43,800 hours to help raise close to €15M for 626 community projects (charity or non-governmental) around the world.

MCI focus is to use sustainability as a lens to help drive economic, social and environmental performance. Sustainability is embedded into the company’s culture, operations and services. MCI is committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the three pillars at the core of the company’s business, People, Planet, Profit.

In 2019 MCI revised its risk assessment, and performance review for partners and suppliers, and is now rolling out new processes and tools. Due to the widespread digitisation processes, recently MCI rolled-out an initiative to measure the greenhouse emission of the company’s ICT operations (including data traffic and storage). It helps implement better practices and reduce digital carbon footprint.
The report showcases MCI approach, sustainable stories, performance numbers and commitments to make a difference. MCI will continue to actively champion sustainability, help clients impact society in a responsible and socially acceptable way, and collaborate with partners, suppliers and the event industry to accelerate best sustainability practices across the globe.

Sebastien Tondeur, MCI CEO, said: “This report was prepared amid the COVID-19 crisis. The events industry, representing over 26 million professionals across the world, has been heavily impacted by global lockdowns and travel restrictions. For MCI, our priority was to make sure our talents and their family were safe, ensure business continuity and remain a trusted advisor to our clients.”

The sutainability report can be downloaded here (PDF).

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