Upstage transforms into virtual event specialist

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Matthew Wall; photo credit: Upstage

Global engagement agency, Upstage, has completed its transformation into a virtual engagement specialist, the company says. The agency will now focus exclusively on providing the four key components of virtual experiences: creating engaging content, technical experience management, speaker support and increasing sponsorship.

“This isn’t as big a change as you might think,” say Chief Creative Officer, Matthew Wall. “Over the last few years an increasing number of our clients have asked us to focus on how creative content and experience engineering can transform their events. The pandemic has just accelerated our evolution to providing this in a predominantly virtual context.”

With a strong client base in the technology, legal and financial services sectors, the agency was able to transition to delivering programmes on-line within a few weeks of the impact of Covid-19.

Since March the agency has delivered over a dozen mass-participation virtual programmes across a range of industry sectors, including major B2B conferences and an on-line trial for a leading global law firm.

“Many of us have backgrounds in film, TV and other media,” says Wall, “so we had an established team of people able to bring their broadcast expertise to delivering virtual experiences quickly and effectively.”

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