2010: Tunisian Hotel Project gets the Green Light



Hammamet. Tunisia is staking its claim as the leading destination for eco-tourism outside the euro-zone, with the opening of the 5 stars Russelior Hammamet Hotel. With plans to open in Hammamet in 2010, the multi-million pound refurbishment will utilise state of the art design techniques to reduce environmental impact through efficient energy consumption. 

The superior insulation of the roof and walls will serve to significantly reduce fuel consumption and the subsequent emission of harmful CO2 into the atmosphere. The plumbing system will be replaced with thermally efficient PVC pipes, recyclable raw materials, eliminating the need for harmful disposal. As the demand for eco-tourism rises throughout Tunisia, The Russelior Hotel joins a host of other companies offering ecological safaris and environmental education classes.

Popular attractions include Ichkeul National Park, one of only two wetlands in the world to have gained a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Also, the Boukornine National Park, which is dedicated to the conservation of the endangered Boukornine Gazelle.