A First for EIBTM: Online Education Evaluation

Photo: EIBTM

Photo: EIBTM

Barcelona. A first for EIBTM this year sees educational seminars over the three days of the show being evaluated using MeetingMetrics’ online survey and reporting tools. Those attending any of the 30+ educational sessions will be asked for their comments on speaker and topic content by logging onto Participants are encouraged to log onto the system as soon after each educational session ends through PDAs, notebooks and PCs.

This initiative, working with MeetingMetrics, winner of last year’s EIBTM WorldWide Technology Watch, offers a unique self administered set of online tools for maximising meeting effectiveness, measuring meeting results and demonstrating value and return on investment.

Commenting on the evaluation tools Ira Kerns, Managing Director of MeetingMetrics said: “We have created a set of easy to use, professional tools that greatly simplifies, speeds and lowers costs of collecting and reporting participants’ session feedback. A full selection of key analytical reports including session, speaker, learning effectiveness rating reports plus CEU reports are automatically produced ready to save print or email directly from the system in minutes.”

Mandy Torrens, EIBTM’s Exhibition Director comments: “We are delighted to be working on this online education evaluation initiative with MeetingMetrics, not just because they are winners of our WorldWide Technology Watch last year, but because they have created a sustainable tool that is of real benefit to the industry.”