Copenhagen: Fresh conference features "novel" meeting format

Experiment. The Fresh Conference, which is taking place from 15 to 17 January in Copenhagen, will be presenting new products for the meetings industry, including books, technology tools and a meeting format to increase the effectiveness of events. The new format is called "Theatre Constellation". 2 facilitators and 4 actors will showcase, for the first time for a professional audience, this novel way of facilitating a change process. This practical and innovative tool uses inputs from the audience to analyse a question or issue, which is represented by actors. This play opens up the creativity of the participants to brainstorm and find solutions. The theatre techniques, coupled with a lot of humour, will surely bring a fresh experience to all the delegates, states the organiser. "Fresh" is said to be the only conference fully dedicated to the content side of meetings. Delegates are to learn from other sciences such as psychology or neuroscience and network with an interesting mix of professionals from different backgrounds.  

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