Copenhagen: Increased demand for conventions

Denmark. Good value for money, competitive prices, accessibility, and its green profile are among the reasons for the increasing demand for Copenhagen as a host city for international conventions, according to feedback from convention organisers who have chosen the Danish capital.
“I was most impressed with the timely and accurate information I received.  Every time I asked for something, I received a prompt response.  This made my job as a planner very easy,” says Darren Mendola, senior director of Convention Services at the Alzheimer’s Association, when asked to explain why they chose Copenhagen for their 2014 international convention.
And more organisations are in agreement about why Copenhagen is the right choice. The number of conventions Copenhagen secured during 2011 is significantly higher than last year.
In terms of the room nights which Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau has booked this year - in close partnership with the city's meetings industry network, Meetingplace Wonderful Copenhagen and VisitDenmark - the number is twice that of last year.
In total, close to 300.000 room nights generated by 45 international association meetings have been secured by the convention bureau in 2011 to be held in the city in the coming years.
“This year will be a record year for Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau and our partners in terms of securing future bookings. Among others the reason is partly due to an expansion of hotels and venues in Copenhagen, and partly due to an increased public and private investment in sales and marketing activities,” says Steen Jakobsen, convention director with Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau.
Among the future events which the Danish capital already has lined up are the Annual Event of the European Wind Energy Association in 2012; the Congress of the European Society of Ophthalmology in 2013; the Alzheimer's Association International Convention in 2014 and EuroSpine in 2015.