DMAI, ECM: Launch of Diploma Program for European Professionals

Photo: DMAI

Photo: DMAI

Education. In a joint initiative with European Cities Marketing (ECM), DMAI recently launched Destination Pro, a professional development program for entry- to senior-level destination sales and marketing professionals. Sponsored by IMEX, the program is designed to strengthen the knowledge skills and industry relationships of destination marketers.

Limited to employees of official DMOs in Europe, Destination Pro strives to create a higher level of professionalism and productivity in all areas of destination business, tourism sales, and marketing through a combination of informational education and hands-on training, specific to destination sales techniques and skills.

To receive their diploma, participants of this program must successfully complete three required courses within a two-year time frame. Education required for the program includes:

- ECM Summer School DMAI
- Destination Sales Training I
- DMAI Destination Sales Training II

"Last year we realized that DMAI's Destination Sales Training courses (called Sales Academy I & II in the U.S.) and ECM's Summer School program are a perfect fit to provide European destination sales people with all the necessary education and tools for performing at the highest level," said Sandi Talley, DMAI senior vice president of business development & membership.

"We are really pleased to partner with ECM in creating the Destination Pro program, and look forward to awarding the first diplomas next year." Individuals who successfully complete the requirements will be eligible for a scholarship to attend the next IMEX exhibition. The first opportunity to begin earning the Destination Pro diploma will be at ECM Summer School, 29 August - 2 September, in Bolzano, Italy.