DMAI: European Advisory Council Welcomes New Chair

Charles-Eric Vilain XIIII<br>Photo: Lille CVB

Charles-Eric Vilain XIIII<br>Photo: Lille CVB

Brussels. Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) European Advisory Council welcomes its new Chair and two new members. DMAI established the European Advisory Council (EAC) in January 2007 shortly after opening its European office in Brussels. The Council’s mission is to give the association valuable insights, advice and guidance for doing business in Europe.

Since its creation, the EAC has been very active in directing DMAI’s European office development, establishing industry partnerships, contributing to the education offerings in Europe, and serving as a general sounding board. At the Council meeting last May, Charles-Eric Vilain XIIII, Managing Director of Lille Convention Bureau, has been appointed asnew Chair of the EAC succeeding David Hornby who departed VisitLondon.

Charles-Eric Vilain XIIII has more than 20 years experience in the meetings industry. He has been working as destination marketeer for more than 16 years, first for the Brussels Convention Bureau (Belgium) and now as Managing Director of the Lille Convention Bureau (France) which he has successfully set up. Lille Convention Bureau was the first European CVB to obtain the DMAI Accreditation. 

“The  European  Advisory Council's key role is to provide guidance, experience and advice to support DMAI in its European development and contribute to take the destination marketing industry in Europe to another level. As the new Chair, I will reinforce my pro-active involvement with DMAI and plan to lead the council with an outlined  strategic view and vision” says Charles-Eric Vilain XIIII.

Paul Flackett, Managing Director of IMEX, remains as Vice Chair of the EAC. Charles-Eric’s and Paul’s active involvement and industry knowledge combined will provide DMAI and its members with strong representation in all major industry events and important meetings. The Chair and/or Vice Chair will represent the European Advisory Council at the DMAI Board of Directors.Both Charles-Eric and Paul will remain in these positions through July of 2010.

In addition to this, DMAI is thrilled to announce that two new members joined the EAC: Milos Milovanovic CEO of Serbia Convention Bureau and Jan Wittouck, CEO of Flanders-Brussels Convention Bureau. Both Milos and Jan offered to join the EAC to help DMAI further reinforce its regional structure and representation. “Solutions and education provided by DMAI can be crucial for young and emerging destinations to succeed in the international meeting industry. Being a member of DMAI means being a member of the global business network. “ advocates Milos Milovanovic.

"It is my aim as member of the European Advisory Board to convince other CVB’s about the extraordinary added value DMAI can deliver in the enhancement of the destination image-building and marketing. This will not only improve the CVB's effectiveness but also upgrade our entire industry and this to everyone’s benefit." adds Jan Wittouck.

With these new appointments, DMAI feels confident that European CVBs and Tourism Boards will be well represented and that it will be successful in offering the right services to help their European members be among the most successful Destination Marketing Organisations in the region.