Down Under: Sensual experience for European PCOs

Photo: Chris Gleisner, cim Australia

Sydney. Music, lighting, food and wine were part of the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre experience for five European PCOs brought to Australia by Business Events Sydney and Virgin Atlantic. SCEC chief executive Ton van Amerongen made a surprise appearance to welcome the guests from among the 3500 seats of the Bayside Auditorium as the lights came up. He was followed by the centre’s sommelier William Wilson, who appeared on one of the auditorium’s video screens.

In the Parkside Auditorium, a backdrop and video screen were drawn away to reveal a chamber orchestra performing on stage. Pictured area (from left): Sarah Fitzpatrick (Congrex UK), Michel Neijmann (AIM Group), Sue Allen (Virgin Atlantic), Ton van Amerongen (SCEC), Richard Torriani (MCI International), Charlotte Boskila (Kenes International), Kimberley Wood (SCEC), Betty Sax (Kenes International), Amanda Anker (SCEC) and Sue Wilkes (BESydney). Source: