"I ask myself how much people know about the history of China"

Liu Ping

Liu Ping

Liu Ping

Liu Ping

What surprised you at the Open Space Session at MPI’s major European conference in London?
One woman said that Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama were role models for her. I do not think she is wrong to have her own beliefs. But I really ask myself how much people know about the history of China and what we can do to make the western world understand China better.

How did you become China’s first DMC?

I have been struggling very hard to run my own DMC and meeting planning company as a carrier for me to change the image of China. As a Chinese person, I feel that it is my mission and responsibility to tell western people the real situation in China though I am not strong enough as an individual person.

What do you expect from the Olympics?

The Olympic Games will help people get to know China better. We believe that the Olympics will be very successful, as they are supported and embraced by the majority of Chinese people. Everybody is getting every excited about the Olympics as the time is approaching. As for our company, we will be very busy with guests from all over the world. We are going to handle 4,000 people in the entire period.

Why do more and more clients choose China to stage events?

Rapid economic growth attracts a great number of business people from all industries. Companies like to come to China to better understand this huge potential market and look for business opportunities. Professional associations want to expand their membership among Chinese professionals. China is becoming more accessible by international flights. We have plenty of 5 or 6 star hotels and convention centres, fancy and trendy restaurants and exclusive venues everywhere as well as qualified DMCs, meeting planners and event companies, not to forget the friendly people.

What was the most exciting incentive you recently organised for a European company?
In 2007, we organised the incentive trip for car dealers from the Netherlands. We created the treasure hunting program in Beijing. This group consisted of 140 participants, which was divided into 14 teams with 10 people each. Teams were competing with each other in exploring the ancient city of Beijing, by bike, public transport, and the underground. They had to trade souvenirs they had brought from the Netherlands with the locals against typical Chinese gifts.

Liu Ping is the CEO of China’s first international DMC and meeting planning company Star P.P. in Beijing with 32 employees.