ICCA-Study: "Financial crisis unlikely to cause significant damage"

Impact. ICCA, the International Conventions & Meetings Association, conducted a survey of its global membership to obtain an overview of industry confidence in the light of the crisis sweeping through financial markets. Over a quarter of ICCA’s 850 member companies and organisations responded. Fewer than six per cent have suffered a significant downturn as a result, whilst 60 per cent report no impact whatsoever. Members are more negative about the prospects for the rest of the year, with only 44% believing there will be no negative impact because of these factors. However, asked what impact the current financial crisis will have on the meetings industry in general, only six per cent felt there would be no significant impact at all.  Just over half felt there will be significant negative impact but restricted to certain regions, over one third felt there would be significant short-term global impact, whilst seven per cent felt there is likely to be significant global impact lasting longer than 18 months.