Liberty International Tourism Group Celebrates 25 Years

Photo: Mario Enzesberger, Thomas Kirchenmajer, Liberty International

Photo: Mario Enzesberger, Thomas Kirchenmajer, Liberty International

It has been 25 years since Mario Enzesberger founded the Liberty International Tourism Group in Czech Republic. "Liberty" was a magic word in the years of radical change after the Iron Curtain came down and Enzesbergers’ one-man operation soon spread across Europe and then to the rest of the world. Today, Liberty is the world’s largest privately owned Destination Management Company with 60 offices in 50 countries and global leader in the field of congresses, corporate events, incentives, teambuilding trips and tourist packages for groups and individuals.

Founder, CEO & President Mario Enzesberger explains: "Having a network of offices in key tourist destinations around the world allows us to offer everything under one roof and gives us first-hand knowledge. We know exactly what’s going on and what the social and political situation looks like. We will continue to discover new destinations in the future and to diversify our service in line with the "think global, act local" principle. Our partner network enables us to offer tailored experiences with a personal touch, even across national borders." 

Tapping into new segments, Liberty has ambitious plans for the next few years, aiming to have 100 offices in 60 countries by 2025. Besides celebrating with partners and customers at its annual meeting in Berlin, Liberty took the opportunity of the 25th anniversary to launch a new strategy.  

"In an increasingly changing world, particularly in the dynamic tourism sector, we are focusing on strengthening our core business through quality management," explains Thomas Kirchenmajer, COO of Liberty International. "As in the past, we will continue to offer customers as much assistance as needed. There is a clear focus on individuality and personal contact. Besides carrying out brand-building activities and entering new markets, such as India and China, we are expecting efficiency gains in the area of exclusive travel as a result of growing security requirements. In addition, we added a fifth division to our four existing pillars – leisure, conferences, events and incentives & meetings. On 1 February, we opened our first Liberty Sport Events office in Düsseldorf, Germany." The new office will arrange trips to the world’s top sporting events. "As part of our diversification plans, we will also be offering ocean and river cruises as a sixth division," COO Thomas Kirchenmajer adds. "Thanks to our international networks, we started a new partnership with one of the most successful multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate in the world, for instance, with Rhine cruises from Amsterdam to Basel. Our Key Accounts enable that leading IT companies also makes use of our services because we continue to be a reliable partner, guaranteeing financial security, exclusivity and individuality all over the world."