Lumi launches Meetoo: Live polling and messaging

Cloud-based app. Technology provider Lumi announces the launch of Meetoo, a real-time polling and messaging app that enables collaboration from any location on any device. The new app is set to support meetings by providing a cloud-based platform that makes it easy for every attendee to participate, including the ability to share feedback anonymously.

Meetoo is an app to provide real-time polling and messaging in meetings of 1,000 participants or more. Meetoo can be used in a number of scenarios, including internal meetings, virtual meetings, town halls, training sessions, classroom lectures, corporate meetings and multi-location meetings.

Lumi’s new interactive meeting software is designed to allow organisers to gauge audience sentiment, answer questions or concerns and encourage colleague participation.  It has already been successfully used by big international corporations such as PwC.

Some of the key features of Meetoo include live polling, group chat, moderation, Q&A forum, PowerPoint add-in, multi-party access and immediate reporting.

Speaking about Meetoo, CEO of Lumi, Richard Taylor, commented: “I am sure many will recognise the scenario of being on a frustrating call or webinar where there are too many participants to use audio effectively so everyone has to mute. Meetoo enables people in disparate locations to feel as if they are a part of the same meeting, allowing everyone to get involved in a way that is manageable for the meeting organiser or presenter. “

Meint Waterlander, spokesman at PwC, commented, “We weren’t sure what to expect with Meetoo and were surprised by how interactive and exciting it made our meeting. Meetoo enabled over 1,100 PwC employees to participate during the meeting through live polling and messaging. Without Meetoo, it would have been impossible for us to collect and respond—in the moment—to the hundreds of comments and questions we received from attendees.”