Maastricht welcomes ICLAM in 2016

Insurance Medicine. 22 – 25 May 2016 Maastricht welcomes the 25th Congress of the International Committee for Insurance Medicine (ICLAM). ICLAM (formerly AIMECA) was founded in 1901 in Amsterdam and will celebrate its 115th birthday in 2016. Therefore, the board of ICLAM chose to return to its origins. For the fourth time in history the Netherlands is the hosting country for the triennial Life Disability and Health Insurance Medicine convention. Over 500 insurance professionals will attend the convention where various topics related to medical and surgical treatments and advances will be discussed.

ICLAM is an intercontinental convention on insurance knowledge. The meeting has as subject the latest developments in medical science and the latest statistics on prognoses of medical and surgical treatment in the field of "life, disability and health insurance." Topics from all medicine are discussed, from the perspective of different approaches such as statistics / epidemiology, medical technology / laboratory, medical law and ethics. During the conference there is plenty of opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world informally. ICLAM is an independent non-profit organization (association) with no commercial interests. The theme for ICLAM 2016 will be 'accessibility of insurance"; a hot topic that leads to different social problems in different continents.