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MPI: CSR Report to the UN Global Compact

Dallas. As we move into 2012, the focus on industry corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasing and MPI is at the forefront, bringing value to members through aligning with organizations and bodies such as the United Nations Global Compact. Most recently we submitted our annual report, which frames CSR as an umbrella concept in which we consider the long-terms interests of our actions and take responsibility for the impact of such actions on employees, customers/members, the community and the environment. Below are highlights of the findings:

- Leeds Research: Most recently, in July 2011, MPI launched a three-year study into the value of CSR to the industry. The report will be conducted by the UK Centre of Event Management, the International Centre for Responsible Tourism and the Centre for Hospitality & Retailing at Leeds Metropolitan University. Results will analyze global trends through interviews with top executives from major venues, organizations and suppliers, among other audiences.
- Sustainable Event Measurement Tool (SEMT): Following a launch in July 2010, and a beta testing period with more than 10,000 users, the SEMT recently upgraded and is free for use by suppliers throughout the industry. The tool features simplified user levels and was recently chosen by the Danish meeting industry as the standard for event measurement as part of its national sustainability project.
- MPI Day of Kinship: At its core level, MPI practices sustainable thinking, and brings the point home with employees as well. The internal sustainability team collaborated with the Volunteer Center of North Texas to organize two events. More than 40 employees made a difference with Head Start of Greater Dallas and Operation Kindness, which provide school-age children in skills with knowledge and animals with a no-kill shelter and socialization skills, respectively.
- Clean the World: MPI entered the second year of its partnership with Clean the World, an Orlando-based social enterprise that collects, recycles and distributes soap to stop the spread of preventable diseases. Between the work done by volunteers and companies at the 2010 and 2011 World Education Congress, more than 1,000 pounds of soap have been processed.
- ECOS Project: The Canadian chapter network of MPI continues to work with the Events for Communities of Sustainability (ECOS) in support for the UN Millennium Development goals to end poverty and hunger and achieve universal education. The projects included work with Kids up Front Foundation, Interfaith Food Bank, Santa’s Anonymous & Edmonton Food Bank and other organizations.
- CSR at WEC 2011: During WEC 2011, MPI offered 10 sessions as part of the CSR education track. Delegates interacted with subject matter experts and their peers, examining case studies and the application of sustainability principles. In addition to education, MPI featured seven community projects for attendees, focusing on giving back to the greater Orlando community while learning best practices.

The full report can be found on the CSR portal on www.mpiweb.org. Additional white papers, presentations and knowledge are also available.

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