MPI Europe: First Cross Border Event on CRS

CIM: What is the name of the conference?
This will be the “1st European Cross border event on CRS” going on in Lille – France on Friday 19 June 2009. This event is organized by various MPI chapter including, France, UK and Belgium and probably the Netherlands will join us. It is supported by MPI Europe. Other chapters are welcome!

What is its aim?
The aim is to stimulate cross cultural networking, to learn from our pears over the border and to stimulate meeting planners and suppliers to more Corporate Social Responsibility.

What does the programme look like for June 19th, 2009?
The program will be as following:

Morning : Individual arrivals by train (recommended), car or plane
13:00     Welcome at the Lille convention Center “ Lille Grand Palais”
14:00     Keynote speaker (Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, Vice-Chair of IPCC WGII, chair of Energy & Climate Group of the Belgian Federal Council for sustainable Development)

14:30     Introduction on Corporate Social Responsibility
15:00     Sponsors presentation                
15:15     coffee Break
15:45     The big debate with roundtable discussion
16:30     Case study ; The COP15 conference, Copenhagen, December 2009
17:15     Conclusion
17:30     return to the hotels
19:30     Reception at the Town Hall
20:30     Gala dinner

On Saturday 20 June, we organise a guided city tour, board retreat or shopping

How many participants do you expect?
For this first edition we expect around 200 participants.