MSI: "Fresh Conference" launched

Conference. The Meeting Support Institute (MSI) has unveiled "The Fresh Conference", its first innovative event which has a unique, 100% focus on the content side of meetings. This conference will be held from 15 to 17 January 2012 in Copenhagen with the main goal of helping participants to design effective meetings.
As a matter of fact, according to The British Meetings & Events Industry Survey 2011/12 (The Right Solution London, on behalf of CAT Publications): ‘Content is the most important factor that event organizers consider, far more important than the cost of attending’.
"The name 'Fresh' means this conference aims at fresh, new, innovative, changing ways of doing a conference, a meeting or an event" said Maarten Vanneste, President of the Meeting Support Institute and author of the "Meeting Architecture" book. "Not just new technology, hybrid meetings or social media, but also fresh formats, new presentation techniques, the latest AV, new design, new art, the latest learning techniques or surprising science. The 'Fresh' Conference will experiment with fresh ideas, start fresh trends, launch novelties and anything else that generates value in meetings and makes them more effective. This is why 'Fresh' will be different".
Vanneste continued: "We are very grateful to both Visit Denmark and Wonderful Copenhagen, both strongly demonstrate they believe in the cause. The efforts of Copenhagen to advance the meetings industry, with the creation of the Meetovation concept, made it the logical choice of destination for 'Fresh'. It aligns perfectly with 'Fresh’s' main objective, which is to help meeting planners increase the return on investment from their events through a results driven approach."
All the conference sessions will have the ultimate aim of increasing the learning, networking or motivation of the 'Fresh' participants. On top of this, the latest technologies will be tested, scientific experiments will be conducted, new conference formats will be deployed and generally it will look to push the boundaries of the industry. All these elements will be experienced by the participants and demonstrated in sessions, round tables and campfire meetings. During 'Fresh', at least one new book will be launched: "The Tweeting Meeting", an up-to-the-minute book focused on the right use of social networks and social media for meetings and events.
The Meeting Support Institute has gathered a new and smart combination of speakers and participants, bringing together not only many minds of the meeting industry, but also thought leaders from other areas such as psychology, organisational development, facilitation and change management.