New generation of knowledge transfer used by Ungerboeck

Karlsruhe. Ungerboeck Systems International (USI) is moving towards a new generation of knowledge transfer in order to offer their customers – the users of EBMS (Event Business Management Software) – a wider base of training possibilities. This goal will be reached by the introduction of two new features: the USI-Wiki and Webinars. The USI-Wiki, an interactive way for USI staff and clients to store and share information about all aspects of the EBMS software, including the Help Text and Interactive Documentation. Frequently Asked Questions and Generic Process Instructions will be incorporated into Wiki pages as well as the USI Support Knowledge Base. Webinars are given on a variety of subjects starting with an overview of the new release of EBMS version 17.1. These training sessions are held via Remote-Meeting; the participants will follow the presentation over their own desktop and telephone.