New Managing Director at Grass Roots Meetings & Events US

Photo: Grass Roots Meetings & Events US

Photo: Grass Roots Meetings & Events US

Grass Roots Meetings & Events US has appointed a new Managing Director and Head of Americas for the Meetings & Events Division. Howard Givner took up his position on January 31. With more than 25 years of industry experience, he is a business and thought leader in the field of meetings and events. He was Founder and Executive Director of the Event Leadership Institute and also founded event agency Paint The Town Red, Inc. Givner created the mobile app Super Planner, and was the co-creator of the Event Innovation Forum, a TED-style conference for industry leaders. 

In his new role, Givner will be leading the growth of the company and the team in its New York office. Grass Roots provides a broad range of Strategic Meetings Management services to Fortune 100 clients, managing meeting and event spend to drive efficiencies, cost savings, and data analysis to improve the R.O.I. of their clients’ various programs.

Givner comments: "I had the pleasure of facilitating a two-day management offsite for the Grass Roots team and instantly clicked. I felt there was tremendous potential for this business here, to build on the great work they've already done with their amazing clients. When the opportunity to lead the team came up, it was a natural fit. One of the things I'm most excited about is to bring a Big Data approach to the trove of analytics generated by the company, and leverage that on behalf of our clients. This will allow us to uncover trends to provide detailed, but easy to digest, analysis that can be used to drive efficiencies, cost savings, and improvements in ROI.  We're at a very interesting point in the industry. The pace of change is only getting faster, and this offers an opportunity for industry professionals to truly prove value in properly identifying these developments, and advising their clients and stakeholders accordingly."

Grass Roots operate Meetings & Events services from key locations in London, New York, Dusseldorf, Zurich and Singapore. Specialists in strategic meetings management, delegate management and events services - they work with three of the Big Four professional services firms; nine of the top 15 investment banks and many other global organisations. Grass Roots Meetings & Events drive compliance within organisations and focus on improving the performance of meetings and events programs.