Readers' Feedback on EIBTM 2011

1. Christian Mutschlechner, Director of Vienna Convention Bureau
We had a great EIBTM – virtually all of the dates actually turned up in addition to quite a lot of customers who simply dropped in – so, on the whole, we are more than satisfied. The quality was OK in our opinion, and a trend is already emerging that especially association buyers are quite prepared to travel to EIBTM (but also IMEX) at their own expense, so that they can follow their own agenda. Recommendation: Better screening whom the hosted buyers really want to see, where possible, and definitely include this in the diary, if not already done.

2. Dieter Bolesta, Bolesta Creative Marketing
For me, EIBTM and also IMEX still offer – alongside other theme shows – very good opportunities to intensify the network in the MICE business! Sometimes, scheduled appointments don't work out, because the people are in a different meeting at the same time, and need to be freely arranged for a later available date. I managed to have all my important talks – partly on other dates – but I was able to make good use of them. Projects were kick-started and concretised, valuable destination info updated. So it was a positive experience!

3. Ulrike Börtlein, mbi, Börtlein & Partner Reisen
I have nothing to say about EIBTM 2011, as we didn't attend this year; this decision was due to my experience of the show in 2010. Due to the many meeting appointments that were scheduled in advance I was prevented from keeping some of my appointments if the previous one started a bit later or lasted a bit longer. In addition, some providers whom I had asked specific questions and who had promised to send me information and definitely notify me, unfortunately failed to do so. For me events like that just don't make sense then, so in future I would rather attend those where I can find a few providers from one region who are really interested, even if they are only from one region, but normally I can find some quality there. I hope you can influence this a bit with corresponding publications.