Save your place: Don't miss Elling Hamso's ROI Week!

Elling Hamso<br>Photo:

Elling Hamso<br>Photo:

Dublin. In today’s economic climate, planning and evaluating meetings and events for bottom line value is more important than ever. ROI Week in Dublin 31 August to 4 September 2009 offers six different courses to achieve and prove Return on Investment, including the launch of SenseiROI, an online tool which takes most of the hard work out of setting objectives, collecting data and evaluating results from meetings and events.

- Do you need to justify event budgets?
- Are you looking for ways to improve the quality and value of events?
- Is management asking for Return on Investment?
- Do you need to compare events with other marketing activities?

As budgets are tight, all course fees are reduced by 40% or more. Only a couple of places are left.