Success: Expanded HKCEC records two more exhibitions

Hong Kong. Art HK 09: Hong Kong International Art Fair (14-17 May 2009) and the Asia Funeral Expo (AFE 2009) (13-15 May 2009) both resulted in growth in space and visitor participation showing the ongoing strength of the Hong Kong market during even challenging times.

The newly expanded Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) has again proven its value to and vitality in the industry in Hong Kong as four exhibitions have utilised the new space in only 6 weeks since the expansion’s opening. 

Cliff Wallace, Managing Director of HKCEC said, “The annual ART HK 09 marked a 31% increase in attendance over the previous event a year ago.  It is also exciting to see that the inaugural edition of AFE 2009 in the HKCEC grew 70% in exhibition space compared to their last exhibition in another city.  The event organised in two different sections of the hall to accommodate both trade and public was active with attendance in both areas from opening to closing.  The success of these two exhibitions in the Centre has proven once again our foresight on the expansion uniquely justified by the growing demand by HKCEC’s clients.”