Support: Collaboration, Communication and "Mana"



Brussels. After many years of successful achievements in the industry, Olivier Van den Hoeck and Thomas Dubucq have decided to merge Hail Oracle and Vectorscope in November 2009.
Co-mana, derives from the prefixes “co”, short for collaboration and “com”, for communication, and finally “mana”, the emanation of the spiritual power that flows from the group and brings together its members. The “mana” creates social links. Co-mana is a new way to support your communication and deliver your vision.

Co-mana helps corporations to achieve their internal and external communication objectives by providing creative and operational support on a global scale


A wide range of support activities is offered, such as: Creative event and  meeting Communication, Video production and post-production, Graphic design
Business Professional Training. Having established privileged partnerships with 3 AV suppliers, Co-mana is also able to implement up-to-date audiovisual technologies to support your event, all over Europe, and beyond.

The Co-mana team has decided to go beyond words and to take concrete action through the establishment of two CSR projects: the creation of a post-production facility in Burkina Faso and the acquisition of the “eco-dynamic” label for itself. Aside from these two eco-social projects, Co-mana embarked on the implementation of two other projects to improve its communication support: the creation of a consortium of experts in video production and the Return On Objectives (ROO) analysis.