Toronto: American Political Scientists Convene Annual Meeting

Photo: MTCC

Photo: MTCC

Canada. For the first time in its 104 years, the American Political Science Association (APSA) will host its Annual Meeting & Exhibition outside of the United States. From September 3-6, 2009, more than 6,500 members of the political science community will gather at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC). "The theme of this year's meeting is Politics in Motion: Change and Complexity in the Contemporary Era. We will explore what is new, different, and unusual in politics today in areas such as social justice, nonviolent political change and international peace," explained Peter Katzenstein, President of the APSA. "In a way, traveling across the border is symbolic of the many ways in which politics is, and needs to be, in motion."

Toronto is a popular international convention destination: in fact, it is the most popular city for U.S. sponsored association meetings outside of the U.S. Conveniently located within a 90-minute flight from more than 60% of the American population, the city also boasts the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, ranked among the top ten largest continuous-space facilities in North America.

"We are so proud to be chosen by the APSA for their first annual meeting outside of the United States in their 100+ year history," said Barry Smith, President & CEO of the MTCC. "Participants will benefit from meeting in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world; a place of international ideas. And our city will benefit from the economic impact of over 10 million USD in visitor spending."