UDG Healthcare PLC becomes Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services

Photo: Nicola Burns/ Ashfield Meetings & Events

Photo: Nicola Burns/ Ashfield Meetings & Events

England. UDG Healthcare PLC (formerly United Drug PLC), a leading international provider of services to the healthcare sector, has integrated its sales, marketing and medical service offerings within one division to better meet the needs of its clients.

The new division, Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services, combines eight service areas, including meetings and events, under the Ashfield division umbrella. By bringing together highly successful individual business brands, such as Universal WorldEvents, the Ashfield brand can provide even more value to clients through a cross-functional business approach. 

As part of this transition Universal WorldEvents, will officially become Ashfield Meetings & Events.

The agency will continue to deliver highly successful events with the certainty and impact that has become synonymous with the Universal WorldEvents brand. Their vision remains ‘to be recognised as the leading international specialist, and partner of choice, in healthcare meetings and events.’

Nicola Burns, Global Managing Director, said: “We have been working in partnership with the Ashfield group of companies for quite some time now and established an excellent team spirit. This is a natural progression for our brand, our staff and our clients. The transition will be aligned with a number of back office processes and initiatives that will bring about synergies in our operational effectiveness and business development. It will make us more attractive to clients and we will be able to provide enhanced and complimentary services, such as healthcare communications, across a wider geography.”