UNICEO: The impact of security issues on corporate events

UNICEO - United Networks on Corporate Event Oranizers - has conducted a global study about the impact of terrorist attacks on corporate events.

The increase in terrorist acts in recent months has had a direct impact on the whole population and especially on tourism and travel. Corporate events are a particularly vulnerable area that involve the use of transport, individuals getting together and the use of private and public places. Following the recent events in Paris, Brussels, Nice, Istanbul, we have noticed that our Members have had very different reactions and awareness of the emerging issues and have taken different measures (although not always) to face these new challenges. We have also received numerous requests from our members to work on the subject.

This study aims to shed light on the impact of the proliferation of terrorist acts, health problems or political crises on corporate events and business trips.

It also aims to analyze the measures put in place by companies to minimize these impacts (cancellations, changes of destination, etc) and meet the new security challenges including changes in event strategies.