Going Carbon Neutral

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Lotus Asia Tours joins the movement to protect the planet.

Photo: Unsplash

Kuala Lumpur. Starting from the 1st of April 2020, all scheduled tours of Lotus Asia Tours are entirely climate neutral. This means that all greenhouse gas emissions that will be generated by the operation of the tours, are instantly offset at the time of booking by the support of  their chosen climate protection project in Borneo. All other services may be rendered carbon neutral by offsetting the carbon emissions at just 1.20 dollar per person per day.

The project protects over 64,000 hectares of pristine tropical peat forest in an area mainly dominated by the palm oil industry. The project saves an annual volume of 3.527.171 t CO2, thereby compensating emissions. Besides, the local ecosystem is known for its high biodiversity and serves as a sanctuary for hundreds of endangered species like the orangutans. For them the forest is one of only two remaining habitats worldwide.

In order to achieve climate neutrality of the tours, they collaborate with ClimatePartner, one of the leading climate protection solution providers for companies. ClimatePartner calculated the carbon footprint of the tours and advised us how to reduce and offset the arising carbon emissions. The entire process is transparent and traceable thanks to the ClimatePartner label, certificate and tracking ID on a landing page.



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