Pekka Heikkinen awarded as Espoo Ambassador

Pekka Heikkinen (mitte)

Pekka Heikkinen (mitte)

Professor Pekka Heikkinen from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture has been selected as the Espoo Ambassador 2017. Espoo Ambassador operates as a congress ambassador of Espoo in Finland and abroad.

In 2009 Espoo, the second largest city in Finland, launched the Espoo Ambassador programme in order to win more international conferences to Espoo. The goal is to encourage all scientists in Espoo to invite and host conferences from their own field of research expertise.

Since 2009 Espoo Ambassadors have been involved in organizing 15 international scientific conferences in the city. Tourism income from these international conferences in total has been almost 4 million euros.

New Ambassador Pekka Heikkinen is considered to be Finland's leading expert in wood construction and eco-efficient building design. He has been awarded in several architectural competitions.

In 2016 Heikkinen was the lead organizer of the International Forum Wood Building Nordic conference at the Aalto University Otaniemi Campus, in Espoo. The conference, as a part of the German International Forum Holzbau concept, is the main event of wood construction in the Nordic countries. It gathered almost 400 construction industry researchers, architects, developers, authorities, and industry and trade representatives to Espoo.

"Internationally exceptional Otaniemi Campus is an attractive destination for our international guests and architectural tourists. Otaniemi has provided a venue for many domestic and international meetings, conferences and other events,” says Heikkinen.

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