Sarawak focusses on meetings and incentives

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photo credit: Business Events Sarawak

The corporate meetings and incentives segment will become one of the focus in 2021 with an aim to increase the market share by at least 20% over the next five years in line with the objectives of the Sarawak Economic Action Council (SEAC), Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports Sarawak, Datuk Karim Rahman Hamzah, announced.

Speaking on the corporate meetings and incentives segment development, Datuk Karim Rahman Hamzah explained that “the new development of our corporate meetings and incentives segment is to multiply the economic impact of business events” further adding that conventions currently make up 80% of the economic impact.

Planners can utilise incentivised packages for future corporate meetings and incentives. The incentives and other initiatives such as Tribe Digital Campus are products of the collaboration between BESarawak, government agencies and industry partners, emphasising the industry’s stance on tribe spirit. Amelia Roziman, CEO of BESarawak, says: “#TRIBESPIRIT is a movement showing our ownership of our value that unity is the key to plough through a phase as challenging as Covid-19 pandemic.”

Sarawak has accumulated RM1.6 billion (USD 384 million) of total economic impact since the destination opened to business events in 2006,  Datuk Karim Rahman Hamzah said. In 2019, Sarawak had a bidding success rate of 94% by securing 99 business events worth an estimated RM122.71 million in direct delegate expenditure.

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