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"Back to Live": Trial Events In The Netherlands

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The Netherlands' first live event in times of corona: Under the denominator "Back to Live", 500 to 1500 visitors participated in one of the four trial events that took place between February 15th and 28th.

Photo: Nico Alsemgeest Photography

Back to Live arises from Fieldlab Events, an initiative of the events sector in which various parties work together in making safe and responsible events possible with an increased visitor capacity. RAI Amsterdam is an active member of the Fieldlab community. In co-creation with the government, companies, science, interest groups and the public, Fieldlab validates building blocks during trial events as proof to make the swift return to full operation of events possible.

The first two trial events took place at Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, where 500 participants attended a conference and another 500 guests attended a theatre show. Participants were tested for corona before and afterwards. Among other things, the monitoring and testing of pre-registration, reception, catering, hygiene and the visitor behavior were part of the trial. Both events sold out quickly and no one tested positive for corona. The following trial events took place in football stadiums. During both matches there was room for 1500 supporters.

There is a lot of enthusiasm for the trial events in March, when concerts and festivals with 1300 to 1500 visitors are put to the test. More than 6,300 Dutch people registered for the dance event (March 6), concert (March 7), dance festival (March 13) or pop festival (March 14), selling out the events almost immediately. As with the earlier trials, measures are tested and visitor behavior monitored by scientists in a controlled, safe and reliable manner. The research results are reported afterwards and shared with the industry.

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