Imex publishes Regenerative Revolution Report

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A new Imex Report, called „The Regenerative Revolution, A New Paradigm for Event Management“, calls on the global events industry to embrace circular design thinking and to understand the principles and power of a circular economy.

The report comes in the same month that 93-year old Sir David Attenborough’s witness statement, “A Life on Our Planet” launches on Netflix. It argues that sustainability is no longer enough given the rate at which humans are depleting the earth’s resources and driving thousands of species to extinction.

The report sets out the economic opportunity represented by the circular economy: “All around the world brands, institutions, cities, and countries are rethinking economic development models to improve people’s lives, include disadvantaged communities and be more circular. Cambridge Economics estimates that applying circular economy principles across the EU economy has the potential to create around 700,000 new jobs and create a net benefit of €1.8 billion by 2030. Accenture calculated that the circular economy is the world's largest opportunity, with the potential to unlock $4.5 trillion growth.”

The Regenerative Revolution addresses issues such as food waste, climate change and materials misuse. It includes multiple case studies, anecdotes, quotes and extensive scientific data together with practical actions for all sectors of the global events, meetings and incentive travel industry.

It also examines the increase in single-use plastics and lays out the vision of more than 1,000 global organisations that have united behind a New Plastics Economy Initiative.

It rounds off by proposing a new, draft events framework – Hannuwa – which IMEX intends to put into practice once its live events return. Hannuwa consists of four key principles and an eight-step methodology to inspire, educate and guide event professionals on their transition to more regenerative and circular event management.

The report is authored by Guy Bigwood, Managing Director, Global Destination Sustainability Movement. It is free to download from the IMEX website.

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