WTM and IBTM invite Entrepreneurs to Marketing Event

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Budding entrepreneurs who want inspiration to turn their idea into the next big thing in travel and MICE sectors are invited to sign up to a marketing workshop on 29 April 2021, run in association with WTM London and IBTM World.

The Five Percent Roadshow promises insight, encouragement, and best-practice examples during a six-hour online event with seminars, breakout sessions and in-depth discussions as well as networking opportunities.

Leading the event is Marcus Murphy, co-founder and CEO of The Five Percent, an international community for emerging and transitional entrepreneurs. It’s the first in a series of The Five Percent Roadshows. Marcus will be joined by The Five Percent’s CMO, Nick Fisher. The line-up will be completed by Oli Billson, Founder and CEO of,

There will be four sessions. The first, Defining Your Company Character Diamond, explains how a well-crafted character diamond can help entrepreneurs understand their own personal values and how that can be used to inform the messaging for their company. Session two is entitled: Discovering Your Ideal Customer Profile. Session three covers how to Clarify Your Company Message, while session four, Turning Complete Strangers into Raving Fans of Your Business, looks at how to create a roadmap.
The Five Percent Roadshow takes place on 29 April 2021 from 12.30-18.15. Registration is now open.

WTM London Exhibition Director Simon Press said:“The travel industry was built on entrepreneurship, with brave, creative and passionate people who dared to transform that seed of an idea into reality. Often, many opportunities have been seized upon during times of crisis – so there is no better time to take the plunge.

IBTM World Exhibition Director David Thompson adds: “We are excited to partner with The Five Percent Roadshows, as we know anyone attending will have access to the best advice and support from those in the know and will finish the day buzzing with ideas and raring to go.”


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