IACC launches Multi Location Meetings Solution

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IACC, which represents over 400 conference venues around the world, has announced the launch of IACC MultiPOD meetings. An IACC MultiPOD meeting is one meeting, with in-person groupings of participants in two or more different locations. The concept merges in-person and virtual, IACC says, with one standard framework.

The launch follows months of research to develop a framework and pledge of excellence to stage geographically diverse meetings, interconnected through strong technology platforms and collaborative venue solutions, according to IACC.

The concept came about after IACC identified three critical features of a multi-located meeting; venue capabilities, strong technology and production delivery, and collaboration between all parties. IACC MultiPOD addresses all through its design, pledge and training offered.

IACC partnered with meetings architect, Mike van der Vijver of Mindmeeting, to design a benefits statement for harnessing the power of meetings and conferences taking place in two or more locations. The content, connections and collaboration were all key to an impactful event for attendees and the venues play a very important part.

Each IACC venue commits to not only having in place MultiPOD knowledgeable staff, but also to collaborate with the other venue teams, AV and production teams, making it easier for meeting professionals to manage the event.

Partnering with PSAV and Electro-Media Design (EMD), IACC has developed a specification document and venue pledge which must be committed to by any of the 400 IACC certified venues in 25 countries wishing to host a POD meeting.  IACC, in conjunction with EMD, offers venues training and consultancy to ensure they are prepared for both MultiPOD and hybrid meeting hosting. PSAV offer a full range of production, platform and collaboration tools, adapted to each brief.

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