73% of event organisers plan hybrid events

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Nick Hoare, COO at etc.venues, photo credit: etc.venues

A survey of event professionals by etc.venues during the first hybrid event since lockdown with a live panel has revealed that almost three-quarters (73%) of them are planning a hybrid event before the end of the year.

A fifth (19%) of planners said the biggest barrier to choosing a hybrid event is a lack of experience, followed by concerns over cost (17%), risk of failure (17%), perceptions of low attendance (17%), confusion with technology (16%) and getting stakeholder buy-in (15%). This response came from 76 per cent of the 1,095 event professionals who attended the event virtually.

Organised by etc.venues, which has venues on the UK and New York, in partnership with Glisser, the event took place at the County Hall venue in London with virtual attendees tuning in from across Europe, the US and Central America giving the event a global reach.

The showcase shared expertise and discussed best practice in arranging hybrid events such as how to make both those in-room and those taking part virtually feel equally engaged and how to produce broadcast quality presentations, all with the aim of boosting planners’ confidence in returning to a part-live event.

A concluding poll showed that the event had been effective in achieving this objective as confidence levels rose by 15% during the 60-minute session, with 70% feeling confident of organising a hybrid event by the end.

Speakers: Nick Hoare, COO of etc.venues, Mike Piddock, CEO of technology and audience engagement company Glisser, and Ralph Cochrane, co-founder of film and production company Event Video. Etc.venues and its partners plan another hybrid event before the end of July with the added dimension of two live locations.

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