Aventri introduces Lead Capture Solution

photo credit: Aventri

The Lead Capture Solution in detail; photo credit: Aventri

Virtual event management software provider Aventri has introduced its latest engagement solution, Aventri Digital Lead Capture. The solution enhances networking and connections between exhibitors and attendees at virtual events and tries to mirror the experience of bringing exhibitors and attendees together at live events.

Facilitating meaningful interactions at virtual events has been a challenge, according to Aventri. When using existing solutions, calendar tools, messaging bots and lead generation forms are required, often having attendees waiting hours in a queue before connecting with an expert. In turn, sponsors and exhibitors spend part of their meetings manually qualifying leads, leaving less time to address prospects’ needs.

Aventri Digital Lead Capture wants to bring immediacy to networking and exhibitor engagement at virtual events. The solution gives sponsors and exhibitors tools and information to qualify prospects and provide immediate value in targeted interactions. Attendees get answers via personalized, face-to-face video conversations with experts and relevant event follow-up.

Aventri Digital Lead Capture combines tools for chat, lead qualification, video conferencing, content delivery and reporting. It offers the following capabilities:

  • Instant lead qualification: Attendees answer a couple of qualifying questions; exhibitors learn what prospects need before getting on calls.
  • Personalized video conferencing: Attendees and exhibitors talk face-to-face on live video calls. Exhibitors can follow up immediately after their calls, using content pre-loaded into the system.
  • Universal lead retrieval: The solution works in conjunction with the Aventri Lead Retrieval Solutions for face-to-face events. Leads are designated as digital or in-person and stored in a centralized database to facilitate immediate and future follow-up.
  • Reporting: The system tracks key performance metrics, such as meetings scheduled, booths visited, dwell times, questions, comments and downloads.
  • Lead generation: Unlike conventional lead retrieval tools, Aventri Digital Lead Capture enables engagement 24/7. The solution lets prospects request meetings, leave messages, read pre-loaded content and get into a queue during off-hours.
  • Integrations: The new tool works with Aventri and other virtual event platforms. It also integrates with customer relationship management and marketing automation software.

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